WC 2003-CURRENT Toyota 4Runner Cantilever Kit - Ultimate Suspension Upgrade

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Toyota 4Runner Cantilever Kit - Ultimate Suspension Upgrade

  • Revolutionary Design: Achieve 13-15 inches of rear wheel travel without sacrificing cargo space.
  • Controlled Dampening: Rocker assembly linked to a coilover and bypass shock for precise control.
  • Weld-On Kit: Provides infinite control over rear suspension with greater handling, traction, and improved geometry.
  • American-Made Quality: Thoroughly tested parts ensuring durability and performance.
  • Customization Options: Choose between a kit minus shocks or a complete kit including King coilover shocks, bypass shocks, bumpstops, and mounts.
  • Compatible Upgrades: While stock links work, upgrade to our trailing arm kit or 3-link kit for optimal performance.

Shock Breakdown:

  • Coil Over:

    • 2.0x 8 PR Coil Over with Hose Reservoir (no springs)
    • Valving: Flutter 10c/12
    • Notes: Longer rod ends, limited stroke to 7.25", specific coil nut thread showing, includes 2.5x16" 500 LB coil.
  • Bypass Shock:

    • 2.5x 8 PR 2Tube Bypass Shock with Piggyback Reservoir (Style 1)
    • Valving: 15c/12r
    • Includes 2.0 x 2 Bump Stop Shorty without bump stop sleeves.

Please expect approximately 4-6 weeks delivery time. Shock wait times may vary.