WC Toyota 4Runner - 4th Gen (2003-2009) LT Kit - 5 IN

$3,450.00 - $4,650.00
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This is our most aggressive Kit we offer?This kit is 89” in width and clears the tires completely from the firewall at full bump! This kit will give you a couple more travel numbers then our 3.5 Kit And up to a 37” tire. Why make the switch!? Long Travel is the way to go to get the most out of your IFS suspension! Our Long travel kits accept up to a 37”+ tire and allows for far more travel then you’d get from of a mid set up, As lift kits increase clearance they don’t change suspension geometry such as wheel travel! Looking to go fast? That’s where this kit shines!! Looking to crawl? Our kits are built to take on the most intense of terrains ‼️ Our kits include Upper and Lower control arms, increasing your width +3.5 & +5 (our most aggressive) our kit also moves the tire 2” forward! Each kit is sold with tie-rod extension and limit strap mounts! And of course extended Axles, built in house! LT spec Shocks recommended to get the most out of your kit Is a Long Travel spec.




5" wider per side

Heim upper arms standard

Approx 86" - 89" wide depending on wheels and tire combo