WC 2021+ Ford Bronco 3 Link

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WC 3 link kit has been designed to get the most suspension travel out of the rear of your Ford Bronco. With Links over 20" longer than the stock links this kit has wheel travel in mind. This is a complete weld on kit that will require you to cut off your Ford Bronco stock link mounts, As well with possibly relocating your muffler. This kit will work with your stock Ford housing or our WC Rearend..


Weld on passenger side upper and lower link frame pivot

Weld on driver side lower link frame pivot

7075 Aluminum Lower Links with  1 1/4 Heims

Alum upper link with 7/8 Heims

Stock axle upper link gussets

Weld on upper and lower shock mounts

Brake lines

Limit Strap Clevis and axle tabs

13-15 IN of travel depending on shock setup and where it is strapped

All nessasary hardware, spacers, snap rings