A true dual sport chassis. The DS-4 was designed to be strong enough for you to pound through the desert, pre-run Mexico, and light enough to take you on a wild ride through Glamis. Fully computer designed and actual desert testing makes this chassis very strong and light weight. It will provide you with years of family fun without breaking the bank. The background to this chassis was to offer a budget minded 4 seat car. This chassis can be used as an upgraded from a older car you already own. Put your parts on a new style chassis, with high suspension travel numbers. Or build a brand new sleek play car. The options are limitless. Total car length is 14′ and 84″ wide perfect for fitting into your trailer.

Our DS-4 models have erupted in popularity over the past few years. We have been getting orders from all over the USA and the world. If your looking for a entry vehicle to full on race car, this is the chassis foundation you want to start with. All of our DS chassis start as a computer model rendering. We then test the chassis in a variety of ways in our 3D computer programs. Once the chassis passes our standards, it is sent out to get all the tubes and plate laser cut. We then take the tubes to get laser notched, CNC bent, and rolled. After that the chassis gets put into our fixture to ensure correct tube placement and angles. Only once that is complete the chassis get welded to the highest quality, in whichever way you order them. We can MIG weld you chassis or TIG. These cars are available with many different options, from chassis to rollers, to put them in your trailer and head for the desert.  Please give us a call or stop by to discuss your DS-4


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Vehicle Specifications


Chassis: Wicked Creations Dual Sport Chassis

Body: -Alum body with a fiberglass dash and roof

Engine: – VW, Eco-tech, Honda, Subaru, LS Series V-8

Trans: – Bus Box, Weddle, Mendeola, Fortin

Shocks: – King Off-Road Racing Shocks

Front Suspension: – WC boxed lower , tubular upper

Rear Suspension: – WC fully boxed trailing arms

Front Travel: 20″

Rear Travel: 17″

Wheelbase: 127″

Width: 84″ rear / 83″ front

Wheels: BTR

Weight: 2,150lbs